digital graphite

Digital sketching doesn’t feel the same as using physical media. There’s no question about it. As a sometimes-sketcher-of-things (by which I mean probably once every six months) I don’t do a lot of drawing, but I can tell the difference is as clear as night and day. That isn’t to say that the digital experience is horrible–far from it actually–but there really is something great about the feeling of a real pencil and its tactile feedback as it glides across paper. Not to forget the fact that there’s absolutely zero lag! Ah the joys of physical media.

Anyway. I found myself curious to experiment a little to see how closely a digital sketch was able to mimic the looks of a real pencil on paper, so I started to play around with Photoshop’s brush tools. Seeing as I’m still nowhere near skilful enough to be able to draw things from imagination, I picked a reference frame from the currently airing anime Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, featuring the ever so lovely antisocial bookworm Kawai Ritsu.

Kawai Ritsu

For me, the overall look manages to be fairly convincing, but I allowed the greys for the head to get a bit too dark, lending a charcoal-like feel at points. Also, there are limitations with the technology that make it difficult to make strokes as precisely as I might otherwise make using a mechanical pencil (in the previous drawing of Shiina Mashiro, I shaded with very fine crosshatches that gave shaded areas an extremely even and almost smooth look). I tried crosshatching here the way I normally would, but the outcome is most definitely different. It’s sketchy and much less precise. That’s okay though. I wasn’t expecting a 100% emulation of reality. Overall I think the result is pretty cool and I had a lot of fun playing around with the settings. I’d like to tinker a little more to get an even closer simulation of a physical pencil, but I’m impressed by the ability to get this close already.


One comment

  1. I think it’s not technology limitations, but digital art is a very specific media indeed, and you just can’t use it the same way you use regular pencil – or you have to learn how to reach the similar results, as you yourself already observed. 🙂 I think this mimics pencil quite well, even the darker areas. As for being precise, that’s all about how stable your hand is, and that only gets better with time.

    Much luck experimenting further! 🙂


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